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Lullababes is putting a new twist
on traditional blankets.

We believe in unique blankets. Big blankets, baby blankets, and blankets that cover the whole family! Our custom blankets will have you feeling happy, warm and safe and they are made in the USA.

Our Big Babe Blanket is the largest of our blankets and its the largest throw blanket on the market. Coming in at 9′ x 5′ it is big enough to cover a family of four, a NBA player, or a “blanket hog”. The Between Babe Blanket is 6′ x 4′ and perfect for a pre-teen or a world traveler. The Baby Babe Blanket was the first of our blankets, which measures 40″ x 30″. The Baby Babe Blanket is a little bigger than the average baby blanket. We believe bigger is always better!


We love it!

We received our lullababes blanket as a gift and my daughter hasn’t let go of it since! I will be ordering one soon for my friend who is pregnant. Thank you!

Surf’s Up For Landon!

Max & George

Gigi loves her blanket!
Sweet Dreams Kylie

Welcome to America Perez!

Perez received his one of a kind Lullababes blanket as a “welcome to America” gift. We adopted him from Uganda in December of 2008 at 6 yrs. old. Growing up in the midst of poverty and war, he didn’t have much, if anything, to comfort him and call his own. Thank you so much to Melissa for giving Perez

Mictli Cuddling
Mickey Loves to Snuggle!

When two of our cats passed away, our third cat, Mickey, was very lonely. Melissa made him a mini Lullababes blanket and now he snuggles with it all the time! Thanks Melissa!

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